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Remembering Jason's Friends

Thank you Linda for this beautiful gift
Tina Marie's Memorial

Spend Christmas In Heaven

We’re wondering what Christmas in Heaven
is like as we grieve alone and pray,
Longing for one who has gone before
to spend Christmas in Heaven today.

And so in our dreams we wander far
from the scenes and sounds of earth
‘Til we hear the sounds of the Heavenly choir
singing of the Christ Child’s birth.

The Angels we envision there as
they join in their merry way
And there amid the throng is our Loved One
spending Christmas in Heaven today.

There’s joy in the faith that teaches
when our life’s work is done
Of a place in Heaven awaiting and
the crown we worked for is won.

In our grief may we learn well the lesson
as to work and suffer and pray
As to merit the joys of our loved one
and to spend Christmas together some day.

~Author unknown

I'm thinking of your angel this Christmas Season
and I know how much you long to
see his face and his precious smile.
So I hope this little gift will bring you
a smile as we remember our sweet
precious angels with Jesus this holiday season.

I Love you!!!

Thank you Linda for both of these beautiful gifts
Tina Marie's Memorial

I made a beautiful Christmas wish
of the great blessings that I share,
wrapped round with love from
each and every friend...
and filled with heartfelt care.

My friends have been such gifts to me,
each in a very special way...
and I would like to let them know
in honor of their precious angel
and of Christmas Day!

With all my love,
(Tina's mom)

Thank you Linda for this beautiful gifts
Tina Marie's Memorial

Sometimes our angels sing to us in the wind
Sometimes they call to us from our dreams.
Sometimes they walk beside us and whisper in our ear.
Wishing you joy, inspiration and knowledge that you
are truly loved and you are never alone.

May you celebrate the love Of CHRISTMAS
Deep within your hearts, as Jesus brings
New meaning to life... Joy, Love, Peace...
Because His love is eternal.

May God pour Abundant Blessings on you and yours
this CHRISTMAS and New Year.
May the spirit of Christmas bring you joy,
The gladness of Christmas give you love,
The warmth of Christmas grant you peace.

Merry Christmas to All of You!
Thank you ladies for being my precious special friends.

With all my Love,
Linda and Angel Tina

Thank you Monika for these beautiful gifts
Josh's Memorial

Thank you Carol for these beautiful gifts

Michael's Memorial

Thank you Saralyn for these beautiful gifts
Robbie's Memorial

Thank you Donna for this beautiful gifts
Corey and Michelle's Memorial

Thank you Donna for these beautiful gifts
Corey and Michelle's Memorial

Thank you Shirley for these beautiful gifts

Laurie's Memorial

Thank you Elena for these beautiful gifts
Dennis's Memorial

Thank you Lynn for this beautiful gift
Ken's Memorial

Thank you Christine for this beautiful gift
Deborah's Memorial

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